4 of the Most Common Injuries in the Workplace

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No one is above getting injured at the workplace. Even if we are careful, accidents can still happen, and it’s the employer’s responsibility to keep the work environment as safe as possible to reduce their frequency. As for the employers, they have to receive proper training to avoid mishaps and respond effectively to any emergencies. Knowing the most common accidents that take place can also help, so let’s take a look at 4 of the most common workplace injuries.

Broken Bones

Sometimes, when we are rushing to get work done, we forget to check the floor we are walking on. That’s how most injuries related to tripping and slipping occur. It is not entirely the employees’ fault because such accidents usually occur when they trip on wrinkled carpets, cables, or uneven tiles. When it comes to slipping, the reasons are quite obvious. For instance, a wet surface without a clear sign that says “caution” will often lead to someone slipping and hurting themselves. When you fall, you may hurt your leg, arm, or head. This can cause cuts and broken bones, which can keep you at home for weeks.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Employees often strain their muscles when they sit or stand for several hours (especially if they have poor posture) or if they carry heavy items daily. If your employer doesn’t give you enough time to rest, repetitive strain injuries may occur. You should be treated well and given breaks to clear your mind and rest your body.

Heavy machinery shouldn’t be used by workers without automation, otherwise, they can cause debilitating injuries that end their careers. As per the San Antonio-based lawyers’ advice, you should take the possibility of being injured on the job more seriously and report any strain you feel immediately to avoid any complications. If the employer ignores your complaint, consider calling a specialized lawyer who can stand up for you before it is too late. Moreover, if the human resources department tries to get you to sign a paper, you should politely reject that. You can never know without an attorney’s guidance whether the settlement they are offering you is enough or not.


Explosions are perhaps the most fatal disasters that can occur in the workplace. Multiple reasons can start a fire, especially in industries that work with flammable materials. Employees should be properly trained to handle hazardous materials, and the head of the office needs to install a fire detection system that warns everyone before an explosion takes place. The burns resulting from a fire or an explosion can either be as mild as blisters or as severe as losing a limb.

Cuts and Bruises

Fights at the workplace are more common than you think. People can get on each other’s nerves easily when they’re stressed out and things may escalate, leading to fistfights, which often result in cuts and bruises. Violence may also include animal attacks, insect bites, or suicide. However, the law doesn’t compensate for self-harm nor fights because it is not the employer’s fault. No precautions can be taken against people’s unexpected behaviors, so it’s up to you to avoid such incidents.

Knowing the different types of injuries that you may be subjected to in the workplace will help you avoid them and claim your rights if they occur. You shouldn’t let anyone talk you down from pursuing a legal lawsuit, so make sure to consult your attorney and inform them before signing any documents or taking any steps. Letting go of your rights may subject you to other accidents or injuries in the future.