35 Things to Do When You Have An Extra 15 Minutes

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In the midst of a busy work day there are always a few moments in the day where you are spared that “extra” fifteen minutes. Situations when a client is running a few minutes late or you finish a meeting a few minutes early. Most of the time, we use these few spare minutes as a break, however, these are occasions that we can use to boost productivity without even breaking a sweat. For some ideas of what you can do with your extra fifteen minutes, see below.


  • Respond to email
  • Organize your desk
  • Plan your next day
  • Send a thank you email to someone
  • Call a co-worker or client you haven’t talked to in a while
  • Pay bills online
  • Update your calendar

Content Marketing

  • Research blog post topics
  • Research a blog post
  • Analyze your Google stats
  • Write a newsletter
  • Send a newsletter
  • Comment on blog posts you’ve read

Social Media

  • Gather stats or facts to tweet or post on Facebook
  • Gather related quotes to tweet or post on Facebook
  • Pin a few items on Pinterest
  • Respond to LinkedIN invitation requests
  • Send LinkedIN invitation requests
  • Respond to LinkedIN Answers questions
  • Schedule posts to Twitter and/or Facebook
  • Respond to posts on Twitter and/or Facebook
  • Update your social media profiles
  • Search for images to use on social media sites

Online Reputation Management

  • Browse review sites for news about your company
  • Search social media sites for posts about your company
  • Respond to bad or good reviews on social media sites


  • Read a blog post
  • Read a chapter in a business related book
  • Learn something new about updating your website
  • Join a related work group online such as Facebook Groups or LinkedIN Groups
  • Interact with a related work group online

Computer Related

  • Upgrade software
  • Organize your computer files
  • Go through your apps and remove programs you don’t use
  • Update your address book

What do you do when faced with extra time between tasks or meetings? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!