3 Ways to Build Strong Relationships with Your Customers

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You can invest thousands into promoting and marketing your business, but money can’t buy one of the most important things that you need – strong relationships with your customers. When your customers think highly of your brand, they won’t only return time and time again and choose you over your competitors; they’ll also promote your business with word-of-mouth marketing by recommending you to their family members, friends and colleagues. In fact, customer relationships are quickly taking over as a main focus, compared to customer service. Today, customers want to be treated like humans, rather than numbers. Here are some of the best ways to build strong relationships with your customers.

#1. Use a Good CRM System:

First of all, you’ll need to invest in a good customer relationship management (CRM) system for your business. Using a CRM allows you to keep better track of your leads and customers, along with using a range of analytical tools to better learn more about what your customers want, need and prefer. You can use several CRM systems to get a wider picture of your customer base and keep them all in one handy place using a contact sync app. PieSync allows you to sync contacts and other data across various CRM systems, allowing you to stay in control and choose which apps you want to work with at any given time. As a result, you’ll be able to make better data-driven decisions using the most current data.

#2. Offer a Personalized Service:

Offering a personalized service to your customers is the first step in building better individual relationships with them. If you’re sending out generic messages to your customers, stop now – even something as small as greeting them by name in an email or text message can have a massive impact. But a personalized service doesn’t stop there. You can send personalized thank you notes with orders and take the time to offer a personalized, direct service on social media to further encourage customer loyalty. Get to know your customers and what they’re looking for, so that you can offer customized product suggestions or tailored services.

#3. Reward Loyal Customers:

Today, one of the biggest pain points for many customers is that they are not rewarded for their loyalty to a brand. After all, what’s the point of continuing to come back to a certain brand if there’s no incentive to do so, and you can get the same product or service elsewhere? So, spend some time thanking your customers for their loyalty and encouraging them to come back. Loyalty schemes are one of the best ways to do this. For example, give customers the option to collect loyalty points when they make a purchase, which can later be exchanged for purchases. Send your customers little treats every now and then to let them know you appreciate them. Birthday treats are a brilliant idea – have them tell you their birthday so that you can send them a gift – free products or money off vouchers are firm favorites.

Today, building strong customer relationships is key to a successful business. If you liked these ideas, we’d love to get your feedback in the comments!

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