3 Updates to Make to Your Office

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When you show up to work, does your office space drain you? Do you inadvertently find yourself feeling uninspired and sluggish? If you answered yes, it’s no surprise.

Studies have shown that a workspace affects how employees function. If your office space looks drab and dated, you’re less likely to have an invigorated workday. Whereas if you walk into an office that looks and feels shipshape and up to date, you can translate that energy into productivity.

It’s also important to showcase a professional and competent office for any customers or clients who seek your services. When they walk in, your work space is speaking to them. Make sure it’s sending the right message.

Here are three simple and long-lasting changes you can make to your office that make a big impact.

Make an entrance inviting

Before you set foot into your office, you have to walk through the front door. The front door is basically the first impression of the work space. An old door or a humdrum entrance might make your or your clients want to run for the hills.

More often than not, the front door of your office was chosen by the builder to be the cheapest and most generic option. A simple solution is to replace them with quality commercial doors that reflect the style and impression you want your clients to feel. A great entrance should invite you in, and set the tone for what you will find inside.

Control the light

The windows in your office can make or break the setting of the room. Allowing the bright sunlight into a room makes it feel vibrant and fresh. It’s invigorating, and drowns out the sterile feel of the fluorescent lighting in most offices. However, letting too much sunlight in a room can roast everyone inside.

The old aluminum blinds that are common in office spaces look tacky and uninspired. They can block some light, but they still let in plenty of heat. Plus they collect dust and other allergens that can make you sick more frequently.

It’s best to choose a replacement option that will last as well as look great. These timber blinds in Brisbane, for example, provide natural insulation, give a polished look to your office space, and require no maintenance.

Keep it organized

Disorganization is a major detriment to productivity. If you’re spending your time searching for paperwork or sifting through documents, you’re not really making the kind of progress you’d like. It’s a huge time-waster, and it increases stress.

It’s also unprofessional and can be the deciding factor between a client trusting you with his or her business over your competitors. If your office looks messy, it’s painfully obvious to a customer that you don’t know how to run things efficiently. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to literally clean up your act.

Increased productivity is as simple as finding an effective office cabinetry system that fits your space and your style. It’s an added bonus that they look great and can make you feel more relaxed and competent in your work.

Aside from your home, your office is likely where you spend most of your time. Why not make a few adjustments so that your office is a place that you actually want to spend time? The right changes can improve your mood, enhance your productivity, increase revenue and it might even save you money in the long run. With these three simple improvements listed above, you’re really making an investment in yourself, and your company.

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