3 Steps to Complete Business Security

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The Internet has certainly changed the ways businesses and individuals connect and conduct business. Being constantly connected to the web has become an essential part of every business, regardless of its size and operation industry. With daily business activities and important business information linked to the Internet, online security threats are growing more dangerous to the business world. A successful cyber attack can have detrimental effects on businesses, from stolen sensitive data to costly financial damages and broken brand reputation.

With the rise of cyber security threats, businesses need more complete business security measurements to protect themselves from cyber criminals, as simple firewalls and basic anti-virus software is no longer sufficient. Cyber attacks can happen with a simple social engineering scam or a ransomware attack.

In order to safely protect your business data and brand reputation, consider these three steps to guarantee your business security.

Invest in Technology

Every business that has its work related to the digital world must have an advanced cyber security system. A secure system should include encrypted and secured connections, protection from ransomware and data leaks, and strong firewalls. Investing in these technologies which limit the risks of information loss, data theft and cyber attacks are always beneficial to businesses.

In order to maintain a safe and secure connection, businesses are highly recommended to make use of a VPN (a virtual private network). There are many VPN options available, and these paid VPN services can enable businesses to safely connect to the Internet by encrypting data that is exchanged during connection. Encrypted networks and data can help ensure the safety and anonymity of your business online which reduces the risk of it being targeted by cyber criminals.

Furthermore, in order to protect your business from the threats of ransomware, it is strongly suggested that spam filters should be available, and anti-virus software should be implemented with regular updates. Remember that prevention is key when it comes to cyber attacks, and keeping your technology up-to-date and installing updates regularly is the best way to prevent an attack.

Educate your Employees about Online Security

Every employee in the various levels of your business needs to work together to ensure effective business security protection. One of the most effective ways to combat cyber security threats is education. It is so important that your employees are educated about online threats and that they follow safe online practices. An experienced IT department and well-funded cyber security personnel can protect businesses against cyber threats if their team members are trained properly. Make sure that your business has effective response protocols in place in case of a cyber attack as this can help to contain the damage to your company.

Cyber criminals try to target and take advantage of human error. Hackers will plan sophisticated attacks on your employees to compromise your entire security system. Therefore, educating your employees to identify potential cyber threats and avoid them is highly effective. For instance, you should train your employees to be aware of sketchy emails by checking senders’ email addresses and attachments before opening. Critical thinking is also helpful as identifying suspicious requests can help your employees to avoid falling victim to cyber attackers. Train your staff to call or double check if they are required to unexpectedly input important information in unusual ways.

Build a Detailed Security Plan

Every company should have a complete cyber security plan, which consists of related policies and defense plans in case of a cyber attack. A cyber security plan should indicate clearly what employees should do to make sure that the network remains secure as well as what to do if the network is under attack. Client data and sensitive business information are valuable resources to businesses. Therefore, a cyber security plan should clearly state the necessary steps that each employee must comply with in order to safely protect valuable data.

Once a company is the victim of a successful cyber attack, regardless of its size, it is possible that the company could be totally destroyed, so businesses should consider whether to use cyber security insurance as one of the measures in their security plans. However, it is important to note that most cyber security insurance policies will deny claims that failed to follow security compliance.

Cyber threats are now being seen as a real and obvious threat to businesses that use digital technology. When an attack is successful, the potential damage can be highly detrimental to both the business that was the victim of the attack and any people in that network. Companies are at risk of financial losses, reputation damage, data loss, and loss of customers due to cyber attacks. Therefore, it is highly recommended that your business should take preventive steps to shore up your business security.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.