3 Reasons Toronto Has a Strong Real Estate Market

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Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and there’s a reason it’s home to some 6 million people. With incredible food, culture, diversity, and sights to see, the capital of Ontario is a vivacious place to live! Toronto is known for having some of the best international cuisines in Canada. It is home to a thriving business and entrepreneurial scene. Like any big city, Toronto has both a large resident and tourist population. The sheer number of languages spoken in Toronto–more than 140–is a testament to Toronto’s incredibly diverse population.

Below are three reasons Toronto has a strong real estate market.

It’s safe and economical

Toronto is the least dangerous city in North America and among the top safest cities in the world. Driving in Canada is relatively safe, although tourists are advised to use public transportation and taxis when touring the city. There are no reported risks in terms of transport and taxis in Toronto. Natural disasters are not strange to Canadians, as it is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world. Possible disasters are tornadoes, snow storms, and floods, depending on the region, but the risk level in Toronto is low. The general crime rate in Toronto is low, and the city has a reputation as one of the safest major cities in North America, so it is very welcoming for women travelers. Since women travel for countless reasons, often alone, when it comes to security women face greater obstacles, so they should not be on the street after dark, especially around Parliament and Jarvis Streets.

More housing and better public transit

Public transit is a great way for visitors to get around Toronto. It’s an easy, safe, and quick way to get around; in many cases, it’ll also save you a lot of money compared to renting a car and paying for expensive downtown parking. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) provides service within the city of Toronto (including all of downtown), ferries connect to the Toronto Islands, and GO Transit handles commuter service to the suburbs.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when it comes to buying real estate in Toronto is timing. The sooner you can buy, the further your money will go. Toronto homes for sale have been experiencing incredible price growth, the money you have today is worth more than tomorrow.

Live music is thriving

If live music is your thing, you’ll love the scene in Toronto. While major stadiums such as Rogers Centre and Scotiabank Arena regularly attract A-list acts like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, dedicated music aficionados know that smaller venues provide a more intimate experience. No matter what style of music gets you moving, you won’t have trouble finding a crowd of similar devotees rocking out to the hottest local and international acts in Toronto.

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