3 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Home

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3 Easy Ways to Earn Money from Home

As the internet would say, there’s money when you look for it. You have your day job, school, parenting, housework, and life. And you feel you can direct a fraction of your quiet time at home to something lucrative or at least income-generating. That’s where side gigs come in.

You are not alone. You’re among the millions who are in the gig workforce for any reason. Bills, student loans, tuition, grocery, food, travel, emergency fund—there seems to be an endless list of places where your money goes. Whether it’s a business venture or additional work, you are looking at three viable, doable sources of cash that all take place in the comfort of your home for your weekly budget, rainy-day stash, or retirement fund, perhaps.

The Quest for Easy, Extra Money Starts Here

The role of the internet has transcended time and purpose, from being just a source of information to a force that shapes the workplace. Telecommuting is commonly practiced now, with part of or the bulk of the workload done at home or wherever there’s stable Wi-Fi connectivity or mobile data.

This rise of technology should set you up pretty quickly for side hustles or gigs you can do at your spare time. Here they go.

Do It for the Beer Money

Beer money means quick cash you can use to buy the little things, like a pint of beer. There are many ways to earn this beer money, but the easiest ones are those found online.

The way this works is you get paid to answer surveys, do referrals, click ads, sign up new accounts, upload receipts—you’d be amazed at how simple some of the tasks are that you get money for doing such simple work.

Cash via online payment is the primary payment method for beer money, but getting paid in gift cards or cryptocurrencies is not an uncommon practice either. Just a couple of friendly reminders when you do beer-moneying:

  • Be wary of scam sites. The scam comes in many forms, like asking for money at the start or walking out on the obligation to pay you. Don’t start any work unless you have read reviews about the site. Hint: there’s a community online dedicated to beer money FAQs and others.
  • Be aware of the timeline. Beer money is easy to get, but it’s no substitute for full-time work. You’ll earn quick cash, in a sense, but you may have to spend a good number of hours to collect the minimum payout to withdraw money, as in some cases.

Work as an Online Tutor

There’s a massive demand for ESL with students mostly from Asia wanting to increase their global competitiveness to work or to study abroad. You can fill this demand by doing part-time work as an English tutor online.

It’s an hourly time of work (depending on your experience and performance) and workable around your schedule. The work itself won’t probably take up much time to prepare especially in conversational English lessons—that’s something as natural as breathing for you of you’re a native speaker of English.

For this kind of work, you need two things:

  • Good English skills. If English is your first language or you are fluent with certifications to back you up, then this could be up right up your alley.
  • Good internet connection. These classes are done face-to-face, so you need a reliable connection for a smooth call, and a soundproof room will also help.

Open an Online Shop

“Does this spark joy?” It may be high time to get rid of clothes, toys, books, or pieces of furniture that have been lying around unused. You can put up a shop on an e-commerce platform at a reasonable price. Your haul from secondhand shops and flea markets can also go to this online shop.

Setting an online shop for now is something you can do at home with the casual monitoring in between work breaks or during commutes. Notwithstanding the time, the key is to be hands-on in every aspect of the business to minimize the costs and to maximize your profits.

How do you start an online business?

  • Find your niche. There are a million shops selling clothes online, so find out where you fit in the market. From there, build your brand, and couple this with the right messaging. Don’t leave out social media as you can leverage it for exposure.
  • Find your platform. Not only has your website got to look good, but it must also be user-friendly for you and your customers. You have several options for doing this, including (but not limited to) doing it yourself or going for e-commerce solutions bundled in one package.

Combining Business and Leisure

While you can spend money in so many ways, you can earn more to top your salary and enhance the quality of your life. And the best part is it does not involve commuting to a particular place or getting stressed over deadlines. Sometimes, all you need are your loungewear and a laptop.

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