13 Reasons You’re Not As Successful As You Should Be [Infographic]

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The self-employed dream involves the pursuit of success. However, many fail before they can even get a good start. If you’re not reaching the level of success you think you should be, a factor you haven’t considered could be the thing holding you back. In fact, it could be any one of these thirteen possible barriers to success that business writer, Jim Kukral has discovered.

  1. Laziness
  2. Entitlement
  3. Fear
  4. Negativity
  5. Thinking Too Much
  6. Having No Goals
  7. Blaming Other People
  8. Excuses
  9. Wasting Time
  10. Social B.S.
  11. Thinking Too Small
  12. Not Wanting It Enough
  13. Not Believing

For a more in-depth look at these factors, check out the infographic below.

13 reasons not a success infographic

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