12 Reasons Self Employed People Should Invest in a Garden Office

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12 Reasons Self Employed People Should Invest in a Garden Office

There was a report by finder.com that came out in September 2020 that showed that 60% of the UK’s adult population worked from home.

Many of them work from the bedrooms, dining room, kitchen tables, or an office somewhere in their home, but the garden office has started to become more popular. Why is a garden office or shed office a great idea for those working from home?

Below are some of the benefits you can expect to get when you choose to have a garden office on your property.

1. More freedom

When working from home, you will notice that the rules you used to have in the office are relaxed. You may pick more casual clothing, take lunch outside your normal time, and even take regular breaks during times that you wouldn’t have if you were in the company office. With a garden office, you have the chance of taking control of your schedule, which means you still get more freedom while doing your job.

2. Saves money

When you cut down on your commute, you are going to save a lot of money you would have used in traveling to your workplace, gas if you drive yourself, or train and bus tickets. You can use that money on other important things.

3. No lengthy commute

When you have a garden office in your home, you save time you would have used to commute to and from work. This is going to give you more time at your job which can allow you to get more done, or arrive on time feeling more relaxed.

4. Space can be customized

When you choose to have a garden office, you can make sure it is built how you want it. The construction firm is going to offer bespoke designs for the building so it can be built to your specification. Once the garden office has been built, you have the chance to decorate the space how you want it.

You can decide to go with a simple design or be elaborate as you wish. You can choose to paint the walls the colors you like, find spaces for plants, or set up shelves with books. Visit this page to find the perfect garden office.

5. You still separate your work and home life

If you choose to have your home office away from the house, you can separate your work life and your home life. You will be able to unwind, relax, and spend time with family and friends indoors, and there is less temptation to check your emails late in the evening because your computer is going to be in the garden office.

6. Peace and quiet

Offices tend to be noisy and crowded, which doesn’t provide you with a quiet space you need to concentrate on your work and hear yourself think. When you have a garden office on your property, you will be alone there and can make the most out of the peace and quiet. You can put on music if you work better with background noise. Choose a volume that works best for you.

7. It is eco-friendly

Cutting out your commute allows you to make your own carbon footprint smaller. you are going to reduce the pollution by your car, and if many people have the same idea, it is going to reduce the number of cars on the road and is an excellent initiative. This is going to be great for the environment.

8. You will have your own home office in a short time

It doesn’t take a lot of time to put together a garden building, especially if it is made from oak or timber frames. In some instances, like when you buy from firms that supply building kits, you might be in charge of the entire process. You will be the one to set the deadline from the moment the work has been delivered to you. How fast or slow the process depends on you.

9. It is a more professional look

You are going to impress your clients and customer more when you have a garden office compared to doing it in your dining room or even bedroom. You look more professional, and this will make the space more productive.

10. Improves your health and wellbeing

Having a separate has been shown to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing. This is according to the many studies and research that have been done. This can improve your sleep quality because you are going to be out of your bedroom. Research has shown that when you work where you sleep, the body starts to associate the space with being awake and working. This is going to make it harder for you to relax and fall asleep when you need to. The body has associated your bedroom with work, which is solved by having a garden office.

When you have a home office, you are more likely to be sitting on a desk. Make sure you choose the right chair and desk because it is going to improve your posture.

11. You don’t have to get planning permissions

Most garden buildings including a home office don’t require you to have planning permission, which should be a relief to most people. There are some occasions where you may be forced to get one, like when the building is more than 3m in height or more than 15m2 in floor area. You can avoid this when you build your own space.

To avoid the frustration and hassle of applying for planning permissions, then consider checking the requirements against your planned specifications. To do this, visit the local planning authority.

12. It can add value to your home

You can add up to 5% to the value of your property when you add and maintain an outbuilding. If you ever plan on selling your house, this is one of those things you should consider.